I am Anssi Hautamäki.

By day, I am a developer of digital things at Bitfactor. Come night, I usually transform into a miserable pit of darkness a bearer of puny puns and questionable humour, a music enthusiast and a want-to-be drummer-slash-bass-player-slash-Slash. Except for the leather pants, the Les Paul and the top hat. I don't want to be that.


Music is my everything and my taste buds refined. I do listen to and play most anything, but it seems I have gotten old; I get exhausted after a short while of music that doesn't breathe at all. Therefore, old man yelling at cloud. I play the guitar, bass and drums; some keys too. I did attend Jokilaaksojen Musiikkiopisto for a year in my teens, during which I passed the 2/3 level exam in pop/jazz guitar. But my interests at the time lay elsewhere, so I quit to pursue more personal preferences in music.

It seems I have become a bit of a Jazzmaster aficionado: for a long while now, I have got the tones I need from a Novo Serus J, a custom Amfisound and a baritone one. I play in several groups: Neondad, Havut, Solid Folk, Saaste, Smøø and Iijoki. Some previous groups include several Kapteeni Kosminen incarnations, Dimi and Koalia.


My interest in all things music has also helped me to gain expertise in producing and engineering areas of music production. Currently I have a small Mac-based (mobile, if needed) home studio, which consists of UAD and Focusrite interfaces, Logic/Ableton setup and a selection of self-built and off-the-shelf mics. My monitoring consists of Genelec 8030’s and Beyerdynamic DT 1770's for those late night living room mixing sessions.


Of course, my (manly) obsession with all things electronic has spawned an interest in building, modifying and fixing various electronic items – most of them somehow relating to my musical endeavours. I have built several (guitar) amplifiers (solid-state and tube) to date. I have also opened, cannibalized, fixed, modded and built quite a few effects pedals to date. Although informal in training, I do have solid soldering and electronic skills.